You would like to contact a reseller in your country. Please, send us a mail at : The TACTYS keyboard are available in differents languages : QWERTY (UK, SP, DK, NO, IT, US….), QWERTZ (DE,SW), AZERTY (FR, BE)

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TACTYS is a french company which invented the tactile glass keyboard in 2004. We gained a great experience and remained a pure player company on capacitive-based technology.
In our laboratory the TACTYS engineers develop also customized keyboards and HMI (Human Machine Interface) applications from the client specifications.

Our products are 100% french.

Our contact details

Tactys is planted on Touraine -France.

Adress :
N°1 LD La Lardière  –  37460 ORBIGNY – FRANCE

Phone number : +33 (0)247 943 440