SLIM 1011, a high performance keyboard

The SLIM 1011 is a wireless version of SLIM 811. It combines autonomy, hygiene and comfort. . Although extra-flat (14mm), he has an access hatch to replace its Lithium battery. So, its maintenance is simple and its life optimized.

  • 8-metre range. The communications protocol is Bluetooth with a proprietary dongle.
  • Its battery lasts for 20 hours of constant use. When the battery is fl at, it connects to the PC (or mains) and recharges while still in use.
  • It has a standby time of over 30 days. It goes into standby 5 minutes after the last keystroke and reactivates with one gesture
  • It takes only 4 hours to charge using the charger or 8 hours when connected to the computer via the USB port.
  • Its lithium polymer battery (3Ah-3,7V)can be replaced by a waterproof panel (Tactys accessory).
  • Dimensions 430 x 140 x 14mm
  • 2 years warranty

The wireless SLIM1011 has all others the general features that SLIM 811

TAPTOP function make the typing easier. TapTop target the good key even if the finger placement is approximative.Typing on a plane surface can be tricky because you don't feel the mechanical sensation of pushing the key. An adjustable signal tone indicate the keystroke. Sometimes, even on a standard keyboard, the finger strikes two keys together and thus two characters are wrote on the screen. With TapTop function, the keyboard corrects those mistakes and provides a fluent and convenient typing.

La saisie sur une surface plane et rigide ne procure pas la sensation d’enfoncement d’une touche. Un retour sonore, réglable, indique la frappe. Il peut arriver, même sur les claviers à touches, que le doigt, à cheval sur 2 touches, provoque l’impression de 2 caractères à l’écran. Avec la fonction TAPTOP, même si le positionnement du doigt est approximatif le clavier tactile corrige automatiquement la frappe et évite l’activation involontaire de 2 touches voisines. Elle permet un confort de frappe fluide et précis.