SLIM 711 – Compact keyboard

SLIM 711, a compact keyboard

SLIM 711 has 96 keys, a numeric pad and all the normal keyboard shortcuts. As it is so small, it can be used anywhere : on a work station, operator’s console, trolley, arm rest etc.
Elegant, its refined design fits in anywhere: clean rooms, dental clinic, laboratories and food processing environment etc..

The advantages of the SLIM 711

  • Flat glass surface: No bumps or diffi cult to access areas make cleaning easy. No crevices to harbour dirt or germs. So, easy to clean : with one simple wipe, saving time and ensuring a germ-free work surface.
  • Resistant to all chemical agents used in hospitals or clean rooms.Tempered glass is tough, durable and impermeable to
    fluids. Does not degrade or discolour as with silicone or plastic
  • All surfaces are waterproof to IP65: it can withstand liquid
    spillages, damp atmospheres, jet washing, disinfectant sprays
  • Works with gloves: all types of gloves (latex and nonlatex), even double thickness ones.
  • Ergonomic: adjustable sensitivity. Its new control system allows it to adapt to each user.
  • Locking function for instant cleaning.
  • Taptop function for a fluent and comfortable typing.
  • Adjustable audible beep
  • Plug and play: simply connect and it works immediately.
  • USB cable 1,80 m
  • Dimensions : 380 x 140 x 12 mm
  • 3 warranty

TACTYS is a french company which invented the tactile glass keyboard in 2004. We gained a great experience and remained a pure player company on capacitive-based technology.
In our laboratory the TACTYS engineers develop also customized keyboards and HMI (Human Machine Interface) applications from the client specifications.

Our products are 100% french.

Our contact details

Tactys is planted on Touraine -France.

Adress :
N°1 LD La Lardière  –  37460 ORBIGNY – FRANCE

Phone number : +33 (0)247 943 440