The Tactys keyboard can be disinfected in a simple swipe, it allows the user to save time and guarantees a secure hygien. Made of tempered glass and totally smooth our keyboards have score 10 000 time better than silicon keyboards at the contamination test. Etude Institut Pasteur.

The functionnalities of our keyboard combine innovation, hygiene and design.

Compatible with Windows, Mac Os and Linux our keyboards are regular computer devices with usual keyboard specifications. ( Spécification below ) However, considering their specific conception our keyboards have originals feature developed by ou engineer in order to improves their ergonomy and usability.

Optimise hygiene

The principal asset of our keyboards is to allow an easy and frequent disinfection to eradicate the germs.Thanks to its smooth surface the best cleaning method is to swip of a tissue with cleaning product. To ease this operation you can use the Lockin function. By typing on the “fn” and the delete key together the keyboard locks itself and you can know clean the keyboard without sending any code to the computer. To unlock the keyboard repeat the operation. this allow a frequent and fast desinfection.

The capacitive detection has been developed to allow the use of keyboard with gloves.

Also, our glass keyboards are sealed IP65 and resistant to all chemical products.

Ease the ergonomy

In order to make the typing easier on a smooth keyboard, if the finger isn’t correctly in the center of the key the TAPTOP function settle the approximation by selecting the closest key and give the user a faster and smoother typing.
The sensitivity adjustment system allows it to adapt to each user.
The audible key stroke beep can be adjusted in volume, punctuates rapid, reliable data input.


Our keyboards have the standards specifications for computer’s keyboard.
  • 96 touches/key
  • Plug and play , 100% compatible PC/Mac
  • Direct acces on the function keys
  • Keys combination compatible with windows
  • Leds Caps lock
  • Regular numeric keypad with possible deactivation
  • Desactivated numeric pad : UP/DOWN keys
The Tactys keyboards are available in a lot of different languages.

TACTYS, spécialiste de l’informatique propre et mobile est une entreprise française.
Créatrice du clavier tactile médical en verre trempé, elle conçoit des solutions informatiques qui respectent les exigences d’hygiène et de technologie des secteur médicaux et ultra propres.
TACTYS développe ses solutions et bénéficie d’un réseau de prestataires régionaux spécialisés pour l’assemblage, garantissant ainsi une conception 100% française.

Nos coordonnées

Tactys déménage ses bureaux de Velizy pour s’installer en Touraine.

Nouvelle adresse :
N°1 lieu-dit La Lardière

Nouveau n° téléphone :
Tél: +33 (0)2 47 94 34 40

Mob: +33 (0)6 58 84 20 00